Bacon Bits Creamy Penne Pasta

With thanks to Alex for the recipe
Rich, smoky and salty. With fresh pasta and basil. Yum.


Packet of Georgies smoked bacon bits
1/2 an onion
cloves garlic
two or three leaves of Basil
50g Grated Parmesano Cheese
50ml Dry White Wine
1 cup Penne Pasta
400ml Cream
20g Salt
Salt & Pepper


Bring water to a rolling boil in a pan, add 20g Salt and add pasta, cook for 5 minutes to 7 minutes until al dente. Remove pasta and strain.
Using a shallow frying pan, sear bacon bits, onions, garlic until fragrant, add cooked pasta and then a dash of white wine, and cook the wine out! Smack the cream into the pan and allow to reduce coating all the pasta.
Add parmesan to taste until you see a thick and smooth consistency. Season to taste.
Serve in a bowl, add more parmesan and some basil leaves for fragrance and taste.